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Listen to Jake & Jay Moore on Moose Country 106.7FM - Mondays @ 7:50am and Fridays @ 9:20am!

Servicing Western Wisconsin since 1923 Five Generations of Professional Meat Processors

Sailer's offers a full line of your choice of retail cuts of meat, along with many award winning sausages, including brats, wieners, summer sausage, bologna, snack stix & strips. We also carry many smoked and cured products, including award winning smoked beef, bacon and smoked ham.

Listen to Jake & Jay Moore on Moose Country 106.7FM

Mon @ 7:50am & Fri @ 9:20am!

Five generations of professional meat processors since 1923!

​About Us

Jake is the 5th Generation of meat cutters that have been servicing Elmwood and the surrounding areas since 1923.  Sailer’s Food Market & Meat Processing is a USDA inspected custom processor of Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Buffalo.  We carry a full line of retail cuts of meat and award winning sausages.  Our family has a long history in the meat business and take pride in all the work that we do. We welcome you to stop in, take a look around, or take a tour through our plant. 


2019 AAMP Awards
Grand Champion - Heavy Weight Bacon     

Reserve Grand Champion - Country Bacon
Reserve Grand Champion - Heavy Weight Bone In Smoked Ham

 Reserve Grand Champion - Canadian Bacon
Reserve Grand Champion - Ring Bologna

 Champion - Light Weight Bone In Smoked Ham
Champion - Smoked Beef 

Champion - Smoked Bison
Reserve Champion - Light Weight Bacon

2019 WAMP Awards
RW Bray Award of Excellence – Best of Show – Bone In Smoked Ham
Grand Champion - Bone In Smoked Ham 

   Grand Champion - Pepperoni
Grand Champion - Commercial Boneless Ham 

  Reserve Grand Champion - Olive Loaf
Reserve Grand Champion - Traditional Boneless Ham

Champion- Kielbasa
  Champion - Smoked Beef

Reserve Champion - Venison Bacon

2019 IFFA Awards
Gold Medal - Jowl Bacon

 Gold Medal - Summer Stix​
Gold Medal - Bacon Cheddar Dogs 

    Gold Medal - Chili Cheese Dogs
Gold Medal - Beef Summer Sausage

 Gold Medal - Cranberry Cheddar Summer Sausage
Gold Medal - Beef Garlic Summer Sausage

  Gold Medal - Ring Bologna
Gold Medal - Honey Ham Stix

  Gold Medal - Beef Stix
Gold Medal - Teriyaki Strips

Gold Medal - Country Bacon
Gold Medal - Semi Boneless Smoked Ham 

Gold Medal - Boneless Smoked Ham
Gold Medal - Skinless Wieners

Gold Medal - Salami
Gold Medal - Braunschweigher 

Gold Medal - Smoked Beef
Gold Medal - Smoked Chicken

 Gold Medal - Beef Wieners
Silver Medal - Weisswurst

Silver Medal - Hunter Strips
Silver Medal - Pepperoni

  Bronze Medal - Teriyaki Stix
Cup of Honor - For Winning at Least 5 Gold Medals